The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry

Welcome to the Scottish Diaspora! A project to involve communities around the world in celebration of Scottish heritage and culture, the people and places which connect Scotland to its global diaspora. Scots have migrated all over the world and have often had a profound impact on the areas where they settled. This project brought together stories from more than such communities, documenting their Scottish connections in more than 300 embroidered panels. It is a remarkable and heart-felt homage to the determination, courage and achievement of Scottish migrants and their descendants across the centuries. Read More at

Life Insurance Embodies Spirit of Mutual Cooperation for Over 135 Year

The strength of Sons of Scotland is in its members. We socialize, work together for our communities and support one another in good times and bad. One of Sons of Scotland’s best-kept secrets is that it also offers life insurance to members, friends and family. At first this may seem an oddity in the mix of regular camp activities, but in a recent interview with Executive Director Robert Stewart, we found that from early on life insurance was one of the most important features of the Society.   Q: Why did Sons of Scotland introduce life insurance to the Society? A: The …
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