A Message From Our Grand Chief

Welcome to the Sons of Scotland Benevolent Association; we welcome every opportunity to communicate with all those who take and interest in our activities.

We are an organization that has served its members and our communities since in 1876. Our members have been active in preserving the elements of Scottish Culture now so much a part of the Canadian Mosaic.

Our support is extended to Highland Games, Highland Dancing Competitions and other Scottish Activities. Scots made a significant contribution to the creation and development of Canada and we are proud to celebrate their contribution and accomplishments.

Our members are encouraged to participate in a variety of charitable activities across the country and to bring that distinct Scottish touch to the events.

In short, we ask our members to TARTAN UP!

You will also see that we provide financial services to our members to ensure the security and well being of their families. The Sons of Scotland undertakes this as a responsibility and duty for our members.

The Sons of Scotland welcomes all those who wish to join us in our endeavours. So if you wish to join us as we TARTAN UP please contact us and we be glad to welcome you.

Jim Bain
Grand Chief
Sons of Scotland Benevolent Association

Sons of Scotland

Since 1876, Sons of Scotland has brought together everyone who wants to celebrate Scottish heritage and culture. We welcome people of all races, religions and ages. There is something for everyone…the young and the young at heart.

The Sons of Scotland Benevolent Association provides financial products for the benefit of our members. We are a fraternal benefit society, a circle of people sharing similar values and interests.

Group playing soccer

Our Camps are loosely based on the old Scottish Clan system, led by a Chief and Chieftain, with various other supporting officials one might expect to find within a Scottish Clan.

But that’s not all we are. Our Camps hold regular meetings in their various locations across Canada, and serve as a meeting place for our membership to connect and socialize.

Our Mission

Our mission to preserve Scottish culture and heritage in Canada is fulfilled through various activities which include wearing the tartan, hosting Burns Suppers, Whisky Tastings, Highland dancing and festivals.

Dad and son with BagpipesBut that’s not all we want to be. We also participate in various charitable and community outreach programs. Common through all of these activities is friendship, fellowship and fun!

Some of our members hold Sons of Scotland insurance policies but do not currently participate in any of our Camps. However, some of our members have expressed an interest in our Camp system and hopefully this brief introduction will provide some information and encouragement to consider participating in our fraternal activities.

You do not need to be Scottish, your desire to connect is all it takes.

At any Camp across Canada, a Sons of Scotland member stands ready to make you feel warm and welcomed and a valued member of our Association. If you are not currently a member of one of our Camps but are interested in learning more, simply contact our Head Office and we will happily direct you to members nearest you.

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