Scotian Simplified Life

For those between ages 50 and 75, Scotian Simplified Life Insurance will help ensure your loved ones are taken care of and your estate is in order. With no medical exams and only a brief questionnaire, Sons of Scotland can provide coverage to give you peace of mind.

Plan Overview

  • Whole life policy
  • Available to those between ages 50 and 75
  • Premiums do not change for the life of the policy
  • Limited medical information required (5 medical questions)
  • 100% of face amount payable on death
  • Double indemnity coverage for accidental death
  • Coverage up to $25,000

Life Insurance Notice

All life insurance policies issued by the Sons of Scotland have been Assumptively Reinsured by Faithlife Financial of Waterloo, Ontario. If you require any assistance with your Sons of Scotland life insurance policy, or you would like to inquire about new life insurance, please contact Faithlife Financial at 1-800-563-6237.

Insurance FAQs

What is the difference between term and whole life insurance?

I'm a first time buyer of life insurance. What are the key things I need to focus on?

I have some life insurance from my employer. Should I consider getting more?

We have a new child or grandchild. How does this change my planning for my family's life insurance needs?

Why Life Insurance?

  • Protect your family
  • Cover estate fees
  • Take care of funeral expenses
  • Pay legal costs
  • Settle final income tax
  • Pay any remaining debts

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