They are called accidents for a reason … but this great Scottish idea has you covered.

The great British wit George Bernard Shaw believed youth was wasted on the young. The sentiment is debatable, but the tendency of the young to live in the moment, with few thoughts for the future, is not. Preparing for the unknowable and unthinkable is a challenge for everyone, but perhaps even more so for young people.
Life’s worst and most unsettling surprises are called “accidents.” They are not called “deliberates.” They are unplanned and come out of nowhere on pleasant Tuesday mornings. Few people are prepared for them. And the young, struggling as they are to keep ahead with kids, car payments, mortgages and expenses of all sorts, are the most vulnerable. The failure to insure against accidents can be as devastating as the event itself.
It may not be pleasant for young families to think about terrible things, beyond their control, that might happen, negatively affecting their lives and the future of their loved ones and dependents. But it is precisely at this moment, when families are young, that the need for some form of future security is greatest. For it is when families are young that they are most vulnerable to disruption and catastrophe.
There are genuine, urgent, practical reasons why it matters that we prepare for all of life’s possibilities. Having a solid financial plan, including a will, a budget, a retirement savings plan and life insurance, among other things, is a critical step in planning for the future. This is just as true for young people as for those who are getting ready to pass along their estate. In fact, starting early, when time is on your side, is a smart financial move. Buying insurance and saving money starting when you’re young can bring significant advantages.
It takes time to build a strong financial wall against the future. Life insurance is the easiest and most affordable way to accomplish this. This is doubly true in a world of double incomes. The modern family depends on them both, and for that reason, individual life insurance policies make double the sense.
A tailored, individual life insurance policy that fits your budget is a simple and efficient way to ensure that the consequences of life’s accidents are limited to the events themselves. Even with the best planning in the world, unforeseen events can happen that render all your plans for naught. This is what life insurance is for. A well-designed and properly maintained life insurance policy can allow you to enjoy today with less worry about the future.

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