We have listed below some books that cover aspects of Scottish history and/or culture. In case you cannot find these books at your local library or by way of inter-library loan, we have tried to give you a source where you may purchase the book.

One good source on the Internet is Abe Books, whose lists include booksellers around the world. Another source is Amazon.com. More information will be added as it is available.

The Great Feud – The Campbells and The MacDonalds

by Oliver Thomson,
Sutton Publishing
Available through www.globalgenealogy.com

A Short History of Scotland

by P. Hume Brown,
Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh
Available through www.abebooks.com

Great Scots – How the Scots Created Canada

by Matthew Shaw,
Hartland Association, Winnipeg
Available through www.abebooks.com

Scots in Canada

by Jenni Calder,
Luath Press, Edinburgh
Available through www.abebooks.com

Battles of the Scottish Lowlands

by Stuart Reid
Pen & Sword Books Limited, England
Available through www.hampsteadhousebooks.com

How The Scots Invented the Modern World

by Arthur Herman
Three Rivers Press, New York
Available through www.abebooks.com

Pioneer Pipers of British Columbia

by Carl Ian Walker
Available through www.abebooks.com

The Sottish World

by Orel, Snyder & Stokstad
Available through www.abebooks.com

The Surnames of Scotland

by Black
Available through www.abebooks.com

Jacky the Brave

by Jim Sellers

Available through http:/goo.gl/sw7EsB 

How The Scots Invented Canada

by Ken McGoogan

Available through http://www.harpercollins.ca/books/How-Scots-Invented-Canada-Mcgoogan-